Wildfell Threads - Alterations, Repair and Sewing Service

Wildfell Threads Sewing Services are reliable and professional, offering a full sewing, repair and alteration service, working with both leather and fabric articles.

I specialise in alterations and repairs to leather and fabric items, including clothing and bags and I am also able to make made-to-measure clothing and soft furnishings for the home, such as cushions, curtains, loose chair covers and bed linen.

I will replace zips, sew on buttons and repair seams, holes and tears whist alterations can include adjusting seams to fit and lengthening/shortening clothing (arms, legs and hems).

You can contact me on:
e: alex@wildfell.co.uk
m: 07739 802015
t:  01535 602963

I work from home, in my own sewing room work space, which allows me to charge competitively.  No job is too small, so please contact me for a provisional quote, with photos where possible.  If you are happy with my initial quote and wish me to go ahead with the work you can get your item to me in one of the following ways:

How can I get my repair/alteration to you?

If your item requires me to measure or pin in any way, then I am happy to come to the comfort and privacy of your own home, within a 5 mile radius of Thwaites Brow, Keighley to do this, without cost. However, if it is further afield then I will charge a fee of £1 a mile to cover fuel and my time.  Otherwise,

  • You can drop  your item off to my home address in Thwaites Brow.
  • For a small fee, I can pick up and drop off within a 5 mile radius of Thwaites Brow, Keighley.  
  • By post/courier. (I shall return your item using the same service, so please include your return address within the package.) Before I start the repair I will contact you to confirm the quote and that you are happy to proceed.

How long will my repair/alteration take?

For the majority of repairs or alterations please allow 2 weeks, this timeframe allows for me to send off for components e.g. zips, buckles, that might be needed to complete the work.

On occasion, if I have a heavy workload or your alteration is more complex, e.g. it may require a fitting before the work can be completed, then it may take longer than 2 weeks but I  always inform the customer if this is to be the case.

For made-to-measure garments and bespoke projects the timescale may take longer.

How much will my repair/alteration cost?

The following prices are a guide only and are not guaranteed. For an initial quote please contact me with as much information as possible (preferably with pictures, if it is a repair) about what is required. 

Leather Items
Replacement zip for trousers/coat/jacket  - from £15 
Replacement zip for boots -  minimum £25/£2.60 per inch of zip
Shortening of sleeves/legs - from £10
Sleeves taken up from shoulders - from £18
Restitching of seams - from £8
Full re-lining of trousers/jacket/coat - from £30

Bags and cases  - New handles - from £40
        - New buckles/latches/straps - from £35

Fabric Items
Replacement zip for coat/jacket - from £15
Replacement zip for boots trousers/jeans - from£10
Shortening of sleeves/legs/hem - from £8
Restitching of seams - from £5
Taking in of waist/shoulders  - from £10

Soft Furnishings
Curtains (unlined) - up to 66 inches wide - from £12
         - over 66 inches wide - from £15
Curtains (lined)      - up to 66 inches wide - from £25
         - over 66 inches wide - from £28 

Cushion covers (depending on style) 40cm x 40cm - from £10
                  50cm x 50cm - from £15
                  60cm x 60cm - from £20


Here are a few examples of my work.

You can view more of my on my Facebook page. You DO NOT have to join Facebook to look.